You've worked hard all day and come home at night, only to discover that you can not get comfortable in his own bed. You draft and turn over more than three hours. About 3 a.m. approaches, they finally go to sleep, but the alarm sounds too rapidly at 6 am It is time to go to work. Day two comes and you're back to the usual rat race. Repeat the same pattern once you get home. Later that night I was in bed, thinking how to pay all these bills. Despite their efforts at work, including overtime, does not seem to be enough. What can you do? Who can use?

Does this sound like you? Are you a Christian to have sleepless nights because of their finances? These are the five main reasons why I found the people in debt:

1) Try to live beyond their means. Keep up with the Jones.
2) Loss of jobs and the bills accumulate
3) have never been taught money management
4) Divorcing and partly from other cards in the process of splitting
5) Impulse Purchasing

I too was a victim. Not just one but two of these catalysts of debt. My husband also had financial problems, was still on their list. Being in debt is a way to have a hold on you and causes that do not think clearly. People in debt tend to operate out of fear - for example, ignore the phone calls as it could be a collection agency at the other end. How many calls have been lost? Or perhaps write a check in the hope that it clears the bank, knowing full well that money spent on unnecessary luxuries and excesses that have led to the bank account for insufficient funds.

If none of this sounds like you or someone you know, I assure you can get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy. They have to want to help and not let pride or embarrassment get in his way of being helped.